Lory's Kitty Sitting
 "Veterinarian recommended, Kitty approved"           



Lory's Kitty Sitting is your cat's very best , stress free alternative to boarding .

Providing flexible, customized, drop in care while you are away, or if you just need a gentle, experienced hand with your kitty's care........in the comfort of your own home.

With over 30 years as a Veterinary Technician and owner of Lory's Kitty sitting since 1989,

 you can feel confident that your cat will be in good hands, and secure in knowing that your home is safe.

Specializing in the care of: 

*Geriatric Cats

*Convalescing Cats

*Diabetic and "special needs" cats.

*..and of course, healthy cats ,too!

*Lory's Kitty Sitting also provides:

*Gentle administration of all medications (oral or injectable) 

*Blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration for Diabetic cats 

*Subcutaneous fluid administration for Renal failure patients or otherwise compromised cats

*All visits are tailored to your cat's individual needs, and include:

*Feeding and watering

*Litter box cleaning

*Medications or treatments if necessary

*Lap and/ or play time

*Light grooming/nail trims

*Transportation to and from Veterinarian provided for cats under my care, as needed (additional fees apply)

*Initial consultations/Meet and greet,key exchange and estimates are always free

*plants watered *Aquarium care

*lights on and off

*Daily photos and updates.....and much more!

*Serving Portland, Oregon and surrounding communities

*Bonded* *Insured

*References available

*Competitive rates* senior and multi cat discounts offered 

*Pet CPR trained 

*Behavior advice

*Please use CONTACT BUTTON at top of page to get in touch with me*

Thank you for visiting!  ~Lory Spencer, Kitty Sitting owner/operator

Lory's beloved Kitty, Mattress

Lory with her kitty, Mr. G

   Mr. G, relaxing