Lory's Kitty Sitting
 "Veterinarian recommended, Kitty approved"           


Customer Testimonials

"Lory took care of my 10 year old indoor/outdoor cat for 10 days. Lory had to come twice a day to feed and put in the cat door to keep her inside at night. Jasmine who is skittish took to Lory immediately and was healthy and happy when I returned home. I was very pleased with her care, she even picked up our mail for us. I would gladly use her services again." 
~Dale Barmache

My 13yo Manx was diagnosed with diabetes less than a week before our recent summer vacation. Finding someone to care for him in the early stages of his insulin treatment was stressing me out until a friend recommended Lory. She called me right back when I contacted her, and we were able to set up a meeting just two days before we left. She was very thorough and professional in her information gathering, and her knowledge of and love for animals is evident. I felt completely at ease leaving my cat in her care, and I would recommend her to friends and family without any hesitation. The added benefit of her vet tech expereince makes her ideally suited for people with elderly or special needs pets. What a relief it was to find Lory - Thanks!!

Heather Hyland

"Lory kitty sat our two kitties while my husband and I were on vacation for four days. One kitty had a urethral blockage a few months prior and we were worried about leaving him alone for an extended period of time. Lory came by multiple times per day and made sure to watch for any signs of distress. We felt comforted knowing she is a vet tech and has had experience with his situation. She spent time with them during her visits to get to know them better. She did a great job and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Molly Shaw,


" Lory came to our home to care for our 2 kitties and was very professional. Before the day we were to leave she asked all the pertinent questions to determine their exact needs, likes, dislikes, if they like to be brushed etc. Everything went well while we were gone and we came home to happy well cared for kitties. We would definitely contact Lory again for our pet sitting needs".

- Becky and Rod


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